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27 June 2008


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so? what did you end up choosing? =)

great entry by the way!


*janice and I want to know bruh . . .what da deal? If I had to venture a guess, Gil gotcha!!!

This concert was great, but while I was there i realized that there is a generational divide that is growing within the hip hop community. Because of my age, a lot of the songs were recognizable for me but there didn’t hit my “soul” because I learned about them after the fact or I was 2 young to appreciate the content. This is because I came of age in the mid 90’s. Cats younger then me would feel the same way if I brought out ATliens or illmatic. Do you think this is going to tear apart hip hop? When I see the soljua boy vs Ice-T beef a as proof of the rift growing among us.. What will happen son?

Something to think about..


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